SLEEPLESS has five members, including vocalist Vanessa (Abby), pianist Derek, guitarist Gary, bassist Ken and drummer Welton. In Jun 2005, Derek and Abby met each other through a friend in a music function, and thereafter they decided to work together on music. In the same year, they were endowed with the Best Performance Award and honored as the overall Champion in NWT 1st Network Songwriting Competition. In the same month, they met Gary and Welton and formed the band SLEEPLESS. They met Ken from 2007 i-cable music contest and invited him to the band. All of them have something in common: Whenever they make music, they don’t sleep much, that’s why they called themselves SLEEPLESS.

Throughout the years, Sleepless has joined various music shows and public performances. Their songs are creative and diverse in a mixture of different music genres such as pop, jazz, waltz, rock, bossa nova and etc. In Oct 2006, SLEEPLESS held a 3 hr outdoor mini concert at the Avenue of Stars. In 2007, they received a third place award from a radio competition with original song “Kiss Goodbye”.

Sleepless often performance at Shopping Mall, such as APM, Harbour City, Mega Box etc.

In 2009, Sleepless played as the supporting band and performing guest for Taiwanese artist Shino Lin in her "Shino Pure Lock Rock 2009" music gig.

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Our Musicans

  • Vanessa WONG

    Vanessa WONG

  • Derek PANG

    Derek PANG

  • Ken TAM

    Ken TAM

  • Gary CHOY

    Gary CHOY

  • Welton WU

    Welton WU

Vanessa WONG


Filled with passions toward singing, Vanessa already joined different choir groups when she was studying in Hong Kong and the United States. She was contributed as the leader singer of the Gospel Choir when she was at college. She then returned to Hong Kong in 2004 and started her performing career in public events, shopping malls, weddings, private parties, corporate dinners, stage plays and etc.

Vanessa also regularly assists pop song composers in singing demos for singers such as Wada Hiromi, Joey Yung, Louis Cheung, Jade Kwan, Patrick Tang, MR. and etc. She also participates as chorus singer in concerts for artists such as Shino Lin and Myolie Wu. Apart from singing, she is devoted in writing lyrics as well. One of her works was chosen by Jade Kwan and was recorded in her album "Jade i" in 2008.

Derek PANG

Pianist & Bassist

Derek was born in Hong Kong and he started to learn piano at the age of 15 in the United Kingdom. Only with two years of studying piano, he attained a level of grade 8 (ABRSM) in piano without taking any grades lower than grade 8.

After his graduation in music from the City University, London, he began his path to become a composer, arranger and performer by composing songs and performs in various shows and events. In 2005 he gained the first prize and ‘the Best Performance Award’ in an original song competition hosted by http://nwtmusic.com/

He now regularly performs for TV programs by TVB, Cable TV, and Now TV. He also performs in shopping malls such as APM and Langham Place, and often performs in weddings banquets.


Bassist & Guitarist

Ken started to learn Guitar and Bass Guitar at the age of 16. He learned from Nelson Liu, who is the guitarist of Hong Kong folk song singer Albert Au's Band. He accomplished Rockschool grade 8 level in electric guitar without taking any grades lower than grade 8.

Ken is an experienced guitar teacher. He taught guitar for 7 years, and he provides training for the churches' musicians as well. Furthermore, he performs in many hurches as a worship leader. Besides performing for TV programs by Cable TV, Ken lso performs in shopping malls such as APM and Harbor City. Moreover, he plays in other events such as wedding banquets and private parties.


Guitarist & Bassist

Gary first involved in music when he formed a local band in Vancouver as lead guitarist and band leader. Since returning to Hong Kong, he has performed in different live shows, gigs as well as other wedding banquets and musical events.

He joined Sleepless in 2005 and participated in song writing and composing projects for pop singers. In 2007 he gained a 2nd runner up award of a public song composition contest held by Metro Radio.

Welton WU


Welton started to learn drums at the age of 18. He likes various kinds of music genres such as pop, rock, punk, funk,jazz and fusion. He used to play in three different bands with diverse music styles. Welton now also plays bongo along with other percussion instruments.



Sleepless Live Music also collaborates with other experienced and professional musicians! If you would like to appoint our specific musicians in your performance venue, please kindly notify us before making your deposit. Otherwise, Sleepless Live Music will be in charge of appointing musicians for all of the performances.